Posted on March 1, 2012


When my boyfriend told me he wanted to go on the paleo diet six months ago, my first question was “what the heck is that?”  The answer was a bit unnerving for a food lover like myself, since I do 95% of the grocery shopping, and cooking in our house.  I knew that I would have to go on this diet too, unless I wanted to make two separate meals every day.    I’m all for eating healthy, buying local and organic, and making things myself from real, identifiable ingredients, but this is a whole new level of  dieting.  Not only did I have to give up fast food, soda, processed food (which means almost EVERYTHING that comes pre-packaged), but I could no longer have grains, dairy, or legumes.  So long to my beloved fresh baked bread, pasta, peanut butter, cheese, and dozens of other foods I treasure.

This leads me to my second question.  What the hell can you eat?!    No sandwiches, pancakes, sushi rolls, thai food, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, cornbread, and the list goes on and on.  I immediately began a search for paleo friendly recipes, and, to my surprise found several.  I stocked up on paleo friendly pantry items like coconut and olive oils, almond and coconut flours, almond milk and raw honey.  The diet went fairly well for about two weeks, until I hit a wall.  I got sick of paleo food.  Every recipe I came across contained some combination of the same 10 ingredients.  Don’t get me wrong, I love salmon, sweet potatoes, bacon, eggs and tomatoes, but I can’t eat them every day.  This led me on a quest to invent new recipes, (and tweak old ones) that could satiate my appetite for variety, and my boyfriend’s need for paleo compliant meals.  Oh, and they had to be delicious as well.

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