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Mashed root vegetables with bacon vinaigrette

January 21, 2013


This recipe is pretty much straight out of the November issue of Bon Appetit.  Root vegetables are in season right now and easy to find in any supermarket.  It is also nice to switch it up from my usual sweet potato and veggie side dishes.  And hey, what can be wrong with adding bacon? 1/4 […]

Top ten list of 2012: My favorite paleo essentials

January 2, 2013


So 2012 is over, and the world didn’t end, which is great because that means I get to eat more!  I started this blog because, as a foodie, I had a very hard time with the lack of variety in other paleo cookbooks and websites.  Even though I try to change things up as often […]

Tips for making the paleo lifestyle affordable

April 1, 2012


So by now we’ve all realized something about paleo, whether we’ve been doing it for years, or only a few days.  Eating paleo, or healthy in general is EXPENSIVE!  Things labeled “organic”, “grass fed” “raw” and “wild caught” are often twice as expensive as “conventional” meat and produce.  Likewise, almonds and almond butter can be […]

Paleo vs. Social Life

March 3, 2012


During the week, it is fairly easy for me to stay paleo.  I pack mine, and my boyfriend’s lunches every day, and cook every night (or at least have plenty of paleo snack food, and leftovers in the house).  The weekend however, is a different story.  Inevitably the phone will start ringing because our friends […]


March 1, 2012


When my boyfriend told me he wanted to go on the paleo diet six months ago, my first question was “what the heck is that?”  The answer was a bit unnerving for a food lover like myself, since I do 95% of the grocery shopping, and cooking in our house.  I knew that I would have […]