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Braised Chicken and Spinach

April 25, 2013


Here is another braised recipe.  This one came out of Bon Appetite, with minimal tweaking from me.  The simplicity of chicken, greens and garlic can usually appease even the pickiest eater.  Also, bonus points for a one pot meal. 2 lbs chicken pieces  such as thighs, legs and breasts with skin on 1 Tbsp paprika […]

Chicken thighs with lemon and oregano

January 7, 2013


I found this recipe in Bon Appetit Magazine, and adapted it for paleo.  The original recipe calls for skin on chicken thighs, which would lead to a crispier texture, and prettier presentation, but since I only had skinless, that’s what I used.  Either way, its an easy recipe for a weeknight meal.  I served mine […]

Chicken salad with homemade mayo

May 19, 2012


When I was growing up, after a big holiday meal, my mom always made the leftovers into a salad, whether it be chicken, turkey, ham or even egg.  I never liked it much as a child, but as my tastes have changed, a good chicken or tuna salad hits the spot every now and then. […]

Herb roasted chicken and vegetables

April 25, 2012


When I was growing up, Sunday dinner meant some type of roasted meat, usually chicken.  I’ve made this dinner into a one pot meal by simply tossing the veggies in the same pan as the chicken.  This time I used some of my favorite spring vegetables like baby zucchini and asparagus, but you could always […]

Homemade chicken stock

April 1, 2012


As I’ve discussed before, making your own stock is one of the best ways to make use of ingredients you would otherwise throw away.  There is no real set recipe since most of the ingredients are interchangeable, but this is how I made my most recent batch of chicken stock. 8 cups water 1 chicken […]

paleo chicken and dumplings

March 21, 2012


This is really more of a cool weather recipe, but since I already had all of the ingredients in my fridge, I figured what the heck.  It turned out pretty well, and I’ll probably be making it again.  I’ve listed the ingredients I used this time around, but of course you can add whatever veggies […]

Thyme and Lime Chicken

March 8, 2012


This recipe has been in my repertiore for several years.  I had forgotten about it until recently, when I was going through some old cookbooks in search of paleo friendly recipes.  I tweaked the original recipe just a touch, and my family loves it.  It’s simple, light, flavorful, and back in regular rotation in my […]