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Green Chili and Lime Marinated Venison Chops

May 17, 2013



I came up with this recipe the other day simply by necessity.  I had to make dinner, and simply utilized what I had in my kitchen.  It was a case of “what would go well with this?”  It ended up being very Latin inspired, which is fine with me.  I served my chops with spicy […]

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Herb Roasted Poussins

May 14, 2013



I love these little chickens for their size and flavor.   They differ from a Cornish hen, which are similar in size, but a totally different type of bird.  While Cornish hens are full grown, these are young, small chickens.  One per person is the perfect portion size.  They have a lot more flavor than a […]

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Seafood Cioppino

May 2, 2013



This seafood soup is a fantastic warmer weather alternative to a rich clam chowder.  The use of tomatoes and fresh herbs really brightens up the dish.  I like to compliment those flavors with sweeter seafood such as sea bass and scallops, but you can substitute whatever seafood you love, or looks best at the market […]

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Braised Chicken and Spinach

April 25, 2013



Here is another braised recipe.  This one came out of Bon Appetite, with minimal tweaking from me.  The simplicity of chicken, greens and garlic can usually appease even the pickiest eater.  Also, bonus points for a one pot meal. 2 lbs chicken pieces  such as thighs, legs and breasts with skin on 1 Tbsp paprika […]

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